sábado, 23 de junio de 2007

Hoodoo Gurus - What's My Scene

Where's my Juliet, baby?
Is it maybe
My Midsummer Night's Dream?
What's my scene?
What's my scene?
what's my scene?
tell me wat's my scene

Like a talent scout
I'm always checking out new blood
Oh, I'd do good
If you tell me your game.
Playing Solitaire
Doesn't get me where you would
And, honey, you could
Play by any rules that you care to name.
What's my scene? (I gotta know)

They say, yeah, they say
Making love, you can make it pay.
They say, yeah, they say,
But we know there's a better way
Any day.

And another thingI've been wondering lately
Am I crazy
To believe in ideals?
I'm a betting man
But it's getting damn lonely.
Oh, honey, it only
I could be sure what I feel.
What's my scene? (I'm dying to know)
I'll never know.
Well, I concede
I've been caught in someone else's scene (but that's not me).
Where, oh where, oh where can my scene be?
Please answer - me
What's my...?

Hoodoo Gurus. Blow Your Cool (1987).

3 comentarios:

salva dijo...

Espectacular canción. "Blow your cool" es uno de mis discos (porqué además lo tengo en negrísimo y maravilloso vinilo) favoritos.

vicente dijo...

Coincido con Salva, pero ni lo tengo en vinilo ni es uno de mis favoritos, pero me gusta mucho ambos dos.

Amparo dijo...

Muy buenos, otra canción buenísima es Out that Door. Voz genial, inconfundible...